What some do not realise is that Germany is not trying to stop migrant flows into Europe


What some do not seem to realise, or simply turn a blind eye to as it does not suit their theories, is that the European Union, led by Germany, is NOT trying to stop refugee/illegal migrant flows into Europe at all!

In fact, illegal migrant flows (a very small percentage of them are actually refugees from war-torn regions) continue unabated through Turkey to the Greek islands and to Cyprus, despite the billions of Euros given by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, supposedly to keep these “refugees” in Turkey!

Turkey collects this money and continues with the illegal human trafficking that has become another money earner for the Erdoğan regime.

When the fire at the Moria migrant camp in Lesvos broke out earlier this month, in which six Afghans were arrested after having been identified from videos showing them deliberately setting the fire, the attention of the world was briefly focused on the “plight of these “poor refugees” in a camp built for 5,000 but which ended up housing 25,000. Germany “pledged” to lighten the load off Greece by taking 1,500 of these “refugees” with hardly any other interest from the rest of the European “partners” to do the same.

Moria is just one of many migrant camps on the Greek islands and the mainland sheltering these illegal migrants that are supposed to have stayed in Turkey, but are in actual fact being used by Turkey as a “weapon” against Greece, putting into effect a plan proposed some decades ago by the then Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Özal who stated: “We don’t need to militarily invade the Greek islands; all we need do is flood them with Muslim migrants and we can sail in on our yachts and in our shorts and take the islands over.”

Germany’s offer to take on 1,500 “refugees,” of which she gets to choose and pick from the hundreds of thousands currently in Greece, is merely a token gesture and will not make much of a difference to the struggling Greeks who now see whole Greek communities outnumbered by the never ending flows of illegal immigrants from Turkey.

As for Cyprus, despite the fact that it is an island situated too far to be reached by legitimate refugees in rotten boats, it currently has ten times the EU average of “fist time applicants for asylum.” All of these migrants (from African countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Somalia, Sudan and mid-Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh) did not make their way to Cyprus on foot or swam the hundreds of kilometres to reach it. They were flown in from their countries to Turkey on “special flights” provided by Turkish airlines and from there shipped to Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus, where they were met by Turkish traffickers to get them across to the south of the island from any one of the many points along the “Green Line”, a line of division between the occupied and the free territories of Cyprus.

The German-led EU pretends this is not happening, until some NGO on a Greek island or on Cyprus complains that the Greeks are not treating the “poor refugees” well and both these hosts are chastised and penalized.

Only a small fraction of these migrants trickle into the rest of Europe so that Greece’s and Cyprus’ “partners” can claim there is “solitarity” with the Greeks who are on the front line of the EU borders. When earlier this year Turkey attempted to push thousands of these illegal migrants through the land border with Greece, Germany’s contribution to the EU force trying to prevent them from entering EU territory was… 20 German policemen!

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