Cats & Monsters Bursts onto Athens’ Vegan Ice Cream Scene

vegan ice cream Athens Cats & Monsters

Ice cream is the ultimate comfort food to be enjoyed on a movie night as well as the perfect way to cool down after a busy day. For vegans, the options have begun expanding to offer customers a wider range of flavours beyond the traditional vanilla or chocolate.

Vegan options in Greece are continuously increasing in general.  From delicious main meal alternatives to creamy desserts, the choices for vegans are becoming endless.

Gone are the days where vegans and lactose intolerant individuals have to settle for limited options. With brands increasing their methods and variety of ingredients, those who opt for vegan are no longer missing out on taste or lacking options to choose from.

Vegan ice creams are made from a variety of bases such as; coconut, almond, rice or soy milk, allowing different textures and flavours to burst through with every spoon eaten.

Cats & Monsters

Whether you are in search of your next vegan go-to spot or looking to try something new, a new addition to the Athens vegan market has arrived.

vegan ice cream Athens Cats & MonstersCats & Monsters is a brand new vegan ice cream spot, opened in Athens on the 13th of September this year. It is the perfect place to go for all those looking to venture out for new and exciting vegan options.

The handmade vegan ice cream shop, located in Patousa, Athens, boasts over 20 ice cream flavours to choose between, whether the craving be for something traditional or extraordinary.

The place is one that can’t be missed due to its bold teal exterior, eye-catching logo and endless assortment of enticing flavours to choose from.

Through their social media platforms, the business highlights its continual creations of creative, unique flavours that have never before been thought of.  Cats & Monsters Instagram followers are always updated about new flavours and ideas through its drool-worthy images.

lama roscu Wpg3Qm0zaGk unsplash

Why choose just one flavour?

When there are around 20 flavours to choose from, those who are more indecisive may end up spending their whole afternoon pondering at Cats & Monsters.

Luckily, the ice cream shop is centrally located in Athens and easily accessible to many, allowing customers to become more regular and thus eventually able to try every flavour.

For those with bigger appetites and a sweet tooth, try a couple of scoops of a combination of flavours to test out which flavours work best together.

Whether it is a teaming up of the fruity options or spicing things up with unusual pairings, there is no such thing as too much ice cream.

For those that are in the mood for a caffeine fix, the Latte Macchiato is one that simply can’t be missed.

On a warmer day, when the sun is shining brightly, birds are singing loudly, the refreshing Watermelon Peppermint flavour is there to soothe and refresh.

vegan ice cream Cats & Monsters Athens
* Say hi to the sister of 'Pear with Feta': Watermelon with Feta

IMG 8592

The delicious venues’ most popular flavours include Sweet Apple Pie, Snickers, Oreo and Hazelnut Rum.

Each bite will have your taste buds celebrating and leaving you wanting more and more.

vegan ice cream Cats & Monsters Athens
* Every day is the perfect day for Snickers flavoured vegan ice cream


vegan ice cream Cats & Monsters Athens
*Another brand new flavour: Koulouri with Raisins


vegan ice cream Cats & Monsters Athens
* Cats & Monsters recommendation for 35 degrees: Watermelon Peppermint


IMG 8597

Want to branch out of the ordinary?

Although new on the scene, Cats & Monsters is becoming increasingly popular for its creativity in the kitchen.

The venue prides themselves on its more unusual, fun flavours that will simply have people wanting more.

vegan ice cream Cats & Monsters Athens
*For the Matcha lovers


vegan ice cream Cats & Monsters Athens
* Cinnamon with cookie dough

At the moment, the current wildest flavour that Cats & Monsters has experimented with is ‘Pear and Feta’, an unusual combination that is too intriguing not to try and may even end up becoming a favourite for many individuals.

Cats & Monsters plans to introduce more ice cream options and varieties that are fun and never before thought of that will have us craving more.

As the weather changes, taste buds alter, we can already tell that this Ice Cream spot will continue to create new flavours that will be in demand all year round.

This is an ice cream spot that not only vegans should check out, but also those searching for something new and different.

Visit Cats & Monsters:

Address: Patousa 4, Athina 106 77, Greece

vegan ice cream Cats & Monsters Athens
* Cats & Monsters vegan ice cream live on Greek Star TV


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