Greek social media explodes against Foreign Ministry’s “weak” position on Armenian-Azerbaijani clashes

Greek social media explodes against Foreign Ministry's "weak" position on Armenian-Azerbaijani clashes 1

The Greek government, that has decried Europe’s and NATO’s “equal distance” between Greece and Turkey in the East Mediterranean, has gone on to do the same with today’s clashes between the de facto independent Armenian Republic of Artsakh and Azerbaijan.

This morning, clashes broke out between Armenian forces and the Azerbaijani military in the region of Artsakh, so far resulting in civilian and military deaths, and the destruction of 10 Azerbaijani tanks, four helicopters and 16 drones, as earlier reported by Greek City Times in greater detail.

With Azerbaijan’s launching an offensive against Armenian forces in Artsakh, the Greek government has given an “equal distance” response to the clashes.

It is recalled that Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan expressed strong support for Greece last month when Turkey violated their maritime space and continental shelves.

Held phone calls with [Greek Foreign Minister] Nikos Dendias and [Cypriot Foreign Minister] Nikos Christodulides. Exchanged view on latest developments in Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey’s destabilizing and provocative policies in neighboring regions. Reiterated Armenia’s support and solidarity with Greece and Cyprus,” Mnatsakanyan wrote on August 15.

However, despite the clear and unapologetic support for Greece and Cyprus against Turkey’s aggression in the East Mediterranean, the Greek Foreign Ministry has released a weak statement of “equal distance” between Armenia and Azerbaijan in today’s clashes.

“We are watching with particular concern the escalation of tension in the Nagorno-Karabakh [Artsakh] region, which has also resulted in civilian casualties. We call on all parties to show restraint, to immediately cease hostilities and to return to the negotiating table within the Minsk Group,” the statement said.

“Peaceful settlement of disputes under international law is the only way to regional security and stability. We expect that every action and statement on the part of stakeholders and third parties will be part of this logic, avoiding incitement of tension,” the statement concluded, managing not to mention Armenia, Azerbaijan or Turkey once in the statement.

It is also recalled that earlier this month, Azerbaijani dictator Ilham Aliyev openly expressed to the newly appointed Greek ambassador to Baku, Nikolaos Piperigos, that “we support them [Turkey] on all issues, including the issue of intelligence in the Eastern Mediterranean.”.

“I can tell you, and it is no secret, that Turkey is not only our friend and partner, but also a brotherly country for us. Without any hesitation whatsoever, we support Turkey and will support it under any circumstances,” the Azerbaijani dictator added.

Turkey only days ago was exposed transferring Syrian jihadists to Azerbaijan to fight against the Armenians, as reported by Greek City Times.

Although Armenia strongly backed Greece and Cyprus against Turkish aggression and the Azerbaijani dictator unequivocally told the Greek Ambassador that his country supports Turkey in the East Mediterranean, the Greek Foreign Ministry has still decided to take an “equal distance approach,” that it begrudges the EU and NATO doing to Greece, with Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Greece social media users have been outraged and highlighted this hypocrisy on Twitter, with the original Tweet receiving more comments and retweets with comments, then actual likes and retweets.

Babis Kalligosfyris wrote “there is a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the Ministry is flying a kite instead of taking the side of Armenia, even verbally. We are talking about dangerous people.”

Dennis Kassavetis wrote “Read an announcement … then it will be our fault that we lost confidence in our foreign policy.”

George Karadimos highlighted “After this embarrassing statement, we have all understood what will follow in the exploratory with Turkey. What Merkel says.”

John Barbagiannis wrote “shameful statement.”

In fact, of all the comments and retweets accumulated, not a single one was in support of the Greek Foreign Ministry’s statement.


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  1. An Open Letter to the Hellenic Foreign Minister. Kalispera sas from the Diaspora. Your conduct towards the evil attacks on Armenia is pitifully weak at the very best. In being so weak you have shamed us all and damaged a friendship between us and Armenia. Or do you support their enemy who is actually a trained puppet of Reycep Erdogan? PLEASE amend your error or be prepared for your forced resignation.