'I'm Pretty Proud Of My Roots', The Bachelor's Bella Varelis on her Greek Heritage

Bella Varelis

It is no secret that Greek people are proud of their roots, their heritage, and their family origins. Greek family values are so strong that components of tradition and culture transcend multiple generations, even up to today.

Bella Varelis

Bella VarelisIt's part of the reason why Reality TV star and this year's Runner Up in the Bachelor, Bella Varelis has said that her recent trip to Greece last year helped her reconnect with her culture and ancestry.

“Coming back to this beautiful island and spending time with family warms my soul, I’ve been learning so much about my ancestry this trip, from Venetian influences to leaders of the resistance party.” She penned this message next to a photo of herself looking out at the water.

“Safe to say, I’m pretty proud of my roots,” she continued.

In an Instagram post shared in July 2019, the Greek digital marketing consultant pondered her visit to Navagio beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos.

Indeed, visiting the homeland has a very nostalgic feel for a lot of Greeks who live abroad, it can feel like they are returning to their roots. It appears that the Bachelor's Bella felt this way.

Bella VarelisAlthough making it to the top 4, Bella was left thoroughly shell-shocked during Thursday's Bachelor finale. Locky, 31, told both her and love rival Irena Srbinovska he loved them - only to drop Bella by choosing Irena instead.

Earlier yesterday, Bella hinted she could be Australia's next Bachelorette.

She spoke exclusively to Daily Mail Australia on Friday and confessed that she'd love to be cast on the reality show's next season.

'Yeah, I mean, what a way to get your happily ever after!' she said.

Bella VarelisBella has had quite a string of high profile exes, including none other than Aussie musician Cody Simpson, the former boyfriend of Miley Cyrus. She has previously dated stars of The Bachelor franchise, including model Samuel Johnson, one of the contestants on Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette.

Bella has also dated a contestant on the US version of The Bachelorette, Dean Michael Unglert.

Recently, the reality star was forced to defend herself on Instagram. She faced up to numerous claims that she only dates ‘Bachie’ men, with Bella declaring she dated Johnson before he was on the show.

“I haven’t slept around with Bachie boys. I dated my ex before he even did the show, show people see a few dots and they like to try (to) connect them when they have absolutely no reason to be connected to be justified. Nevertheless, thank you for your opinion and for thinking you know me.”

Her rebuttal of the claims that she only dates ‘Bachie’ men seem to be supported by Woman’s Day last week who reported that Bella has been spotted on dating app Tinder.

Meanwhile, Osher Gunsberg has suggested that “Maybe this is not the last we’ll see of Bella,” hinting that the 26 year old stunner could be a top pick for season four of Bachelor in Paradise.