Investigation into drone that desecrated Greek flag begins as Athens calls on Turkey to condemn the provocation

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Yesterday, the Turks continued their provocations against Greece by using a drone to violate and play through speakers the the Turkish national anthem and Ottoman battle hymns, as reported by Greek City Times.

The Greek Foreign Ministry made a three sentence statement today demanding that those responsible be brought to justice.

"We unequivocally condemn yesterday's insult of the Greek flag in Kastelorizo. Such unacceptable actions are intended to boost the prospects of escalating tensions between the two countries," the statement.

"We expect the Turkish authorities to immediately condemn and investigate the incident, so that those responsible can be brought to justice," the statement concluded.

Red paint also appeared on the Greek flag painted on the island. Volunteers on the island repainted the flag.

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Meanwhile, a team of State Security police officers from Rhodes went to Kastelorizo and are investigating the drone incident. The police are looking for testimonies about the incident, which may have been coordinated with another provocative action. This is the drone flight that took off from the Turkish-controlled town of Antifellos (Αντίφελλος, Turkish: Kaş) and reached Kastelorizo to play the Turkish national anthem and war songs through loudspeakers.

State Security, however, is focusing on the incident with the paint, as regarding the drone it is relatively clear, that its pilot was not on Greek territory. Regarding the paint on the Greek flag, the police have ruled out the scenario that the red color was sprayed by a drone (as it was initially said in the media).

They consider the scenario more probable that the action was done by an individual who went to the place where the Greek flag is on the rocks , threw the paint and disappeared.

The perpetrator or perpetrators probably sprayed the paint in the early hours of Saturday, before dawn and the sun had risen. The question in this scenario is whether an individual who was on the island had contact with other people who were on the Turkish coast and operated the drone.

In any case, however, all scenarios are considered.