Armenian woman injured by Azerbaijani shelling against Artsakh gives birth to healthy baby

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A pregnant woman that was wounded by Azerbaijani shelling gave birth to a healthy boy today.

Yesterday Azerbaijan resumed its aggression against the Armenian-majority region of Artsakh with significant backing from Turkey.

A woman and a child were killed yesterday by Azerbaijani fire, and several more civilians have been wounded.

However, the pregnant woman among this chaos was able to give birth to a boy named Monte Derdzyan.

Meanwhile, the Artsakh Armed Forces destroyed five Azerbaijani helicopters, 36 drones, 47 armored vehicles - mostly tanks.

The Azerbaijani army and their Syrian terrorist allies have sustained more than 370 deaths and several hundred wounded. From the Armenian side, according to preliminary data, there are 58 deaths and about 200 wounded, of which 120 continue to receive treatment. The others have recovered and returned to the ranks.

Although yesterday and this morning the Azerbaijani army and their Syrian terrorist allies captured areas of Artsakh from Armenian forces, the overwhelmingly have been retaken by Armenian forces with only a small pocket in the north remaining in control of the Azerbaijani military.

In a massive military shock, along with the tens of armored vehicles and drones destroyed, the Artsakh Defense Army shot down an Azerbaijani warplane. The press secretary of the Artsakh President Vahram Poghosyan announced on H1:

"Today we can already say clearly that an enemy plane was damaged in the city of Martuni," he said.

Only Turkey is responsible for all this, we will not allow any encroachment on our borders and our army is capable of expanding our security zone, Rustam Bakoyan, a member of the "My Step" parliamentary faction, said this on 24TV's "Interview" program.

"This is a time to move forward. We are ready to fight, not only to defend ourselves. Our main goal should be the counterattack," the MP said.

According to him, Azerbaijan has been planning military operations for a long time.

"They did not make calculations that the situation in Armenia is completely different. After the July events, they tried to divert the internal conflict to the border, to show that they could start a large-scale war in this direction. [Azerbaini President] Aliyev is accelerating the end of his dictatorship! They have not achieved any success at the border," he said.