NAO humanoid robot will soon be available in Greece

Famous around the world, NAO, created by SoftBank Robotics, is a tremendous programming tool which meets the instructional goals in education.

Soon, NAO will be available in Greece thanks to Mobile Technologies, official SoftBank Robotics Partner.

NAO humanoid robot has a height of 58 cm and the ability to rotate 25 degrees, to move and dance with great flexibility. It is equipped with microphones, speakers, two cameras and a variety of sensors. It can also communicate in 20 languages, including Greek.

According to a relevant announcement, schools, educational institutions and universities are able to use NAO as a means of training students in programming or as a teaching assistant, making teaching content more attractive.

NAO allows the understanding of complex sciences, such as engineering, physics, programming, in a fun way.

NAO humanoid robot will soon be available in Greece

NAO doesn’t just have knowledge – NAO has personality, with the patience and positivity to inspire students to keep focused and keep trying.

Versatile, with a comprehensive knowledge base, NAO can work with students from preschool through grad school. NAO can also offer extra support and attention to children with special needs.