Greek hackers bring down over 150 Azerbaijani government websites as “support to the Armenians”

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Over 150 websites belonging to the Azerbaijani government were brought down by Greek hackers on Thursday.

“As a little support to the Armenians we brought down 83 Azerbaijan government websites,” Anonymous Greece announced on Facebook.

In a follow up post on the same day, Anonymous Greece wrote “Another 76 government (the most important) of Azerbaijan were hit along with the central domain”

As of publication, the majority of the websites are back up again, but with major functioning issues.

However, in a later post, Anonymous Greece uploaded a photo of the Greek and Armenian flags telling social media users to check the first comment.

In the first post, Anonymous Greece said: “Azerbaijan’s largest television network has been hit (AzTV)”

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The website was down for over 30 hours, and as of publication, is back up but extremely slow and not loading fully.

Yesterday, Greek City Times interviewed Serj Tankian of System of a Down.

When Tankian was made aware that Greek hackers had been targeting the Azerbaijani government, he said “First of all, thank you for all the support. I wasn’t aware of the website hacking that had taken place. More of that geared toward Azeri and Turkish air command and control centers would be nice.”

Read the full interview here.

  1. THANK YOU Greece and Greek Hackers! We love you. It’s time we all UNITED against the aggression to live in Peace!