10 women transform a village in Halkidiki with their paint brushes

10 women transform a village in Halkidiki with their paint brushes

Galatista, a traditional village in Halkidiki has received a beautiful and colourful makeover thanks to the generosity of ten local residents.

With the support of the Municipality, the women- members of the local Culture Association of Arts ‘Anthemouses’, worked all summer painting the fountains of the village that were not made of stone.

With the permission of property owners they also beautified two walls on old buildings, which were in poor condition.

“Our Association was founded in 2010 and its goals are the promotion of our place, our cultural heritage and folklore as well as the implementation of artistic and cultural activities. In this context, we had long ago made some proposals to the Municipality to beautify our village, which has several old houses that are abandoned and are collapsing, creating a bad image. As part of the Municipality’s action, entitled “Environment is a responsibility for everyone”, we had painted tins, which were placed in Polygyros. After the lockdown was lifted at the beginning of summer, the women proceeded with their project, the Municipality supported them by covering the material cost,” the president of the Association, Sonia Kazlari told AMNA.

The initiative was welcomed and loved by the villagers.

“We worked all summer in the heat, from 4:30 in the afternoon until the evening. People were excited from the first moment, they were watching us while we were working and they were sending us treats. And that gave us strength,” she added.

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