Helena Paparizou releases new music video ‘Se Xeno Soma’

Helena Paparizou returns with the second single from her upcoming album.

Always staying relevant both in music style and the issues people face today, ‘Se Xeno Soma’ or ‘In A Stranger’s Body’ tackles the important topic of body image. Through Helena’s powerful vocals laced in a traditional mid-tempo Greek melody, this striking ballad hits to the core of the struggles of expressing love for yourself and others.

Together with director Giannis Michelopolous, Helena manages to capture the essence of pressure from society to conform. During the video we see a young man struggling to balance his own wants with the expectations from those around him. Which is visualised through his almost naked expression of his body’s imprisonment. Meanwhile Helena is dressing down after fulfilling her duties of the day and the two face their opposing realities in the mirror.

The song speaks to those that have gone through those thoughts of wondering how to love others if they can’t love themselves first.

‘Se Xeno Soma’ was composed by Arcade and Padé, whilst the lyrics were written by Rene and Arcade.

Later this year Helena Paparizou will release her newest album Apochróseis (Shades) by record label Minos EMI.

Listen to the song here.

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