Why are Greeks sending Snickers with messages attached to Armenian soldiers on the front lines? (PHOTOS)

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There is a custom emerging on the frontlines of Artsakh that may first appear to be unusual, but very heart warming, which must be boosting the morale of Armenian soldiers on the front lines fighting against the Turkish-sponsored Azerbaijani invasion attempt.

Soldiers are asking for Snickers because it is a form of childhood currency where you would use the chocolate bars to make bets instead of using real money.

Armenian soldiers are asking for Snickers so they can use it as currency to make bets with each other on whether their strikes against Azerbaijani soldiers and Syrian terrorists were successful or not.

However, girls around Armenia are now sending Snicker bars and writing notes on them to send to front line Armenian soldiers.

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Seeing this on social media, Greeks and many other people around the world, including Serbians, Russians, South Americans and others, were moved by this and also wanted to send Snickers bars with messages attached to front line Armenian soldiers.

With coordination from Narine, a local to Yerevan, people from around the world sent their messages to her so they could be attached to Snickers bars to be given to Armenian soldiers.

Athenian women wrote to the Armenian soldiers, who are yet to receive the messages and chocolate bars, "we admire you for your courage," "stay strong Armenian hero," and one even gave her Twitter handle to whichever soldier will receive her message.

Athenian women

Athenian men sent messages as well, including "don't forget [you] have the Greeks support," "stay strong, stay proud, stay alive!" and "strength and honor brothers."

"One man from Serbia also wrote that "there won't be another genocide [...] the Serbs are with you, brothers!"

Athens and Drago

Messages have also come from across the world, including Russia, London and Sweden.

Olga's message to an Armenian soldier was "After the war, I hope you come to Thessaloniki to eat my mums Pontian food."

Olga Lidia Andrew Pallas

Two Serbian women also sent messages that are suggestive, with one being on the R-18+ side.

Serb women

Hadi from Lebanon wrote "Historically we suffered from the same Ottoman genocides. Today we fight back as one against neo-ottomans and their offshoots. Stay strong," while Mikel, an ethnic Greek from Albania wrote: "You are with God and you are fighting against evil for [the] liberation of your country. We are in agreement and in spirit with you. We pray for you. God bless you in this holy war."

Hadi and Mikel

Several members of the Nova Resistencia political organization in Brazil sent messages of solidarity and encouragement, with their leader, Raphael Machado, writing: "Brazilian patriots are with you! You fight for all of us against the enemies of mankind! Victory to Armenia."


Messages also came from as far as Australia, with one Indian living in Sydney saying "Artsakh will be the graveyard of [Aliyev] & Erdogan. Aprir Hayastan! [Long Live Armenia!]."

More messages came from Greece, with Nikitas from Athens writing "all [of] us Greeks are with you in this fight and I would like you to never forget that."

Chris and Nikitas

Finally, messages also arrived from Chile, Argentina and Brazil, with a joint message from Renato, Felipe and Diego in Chile saying "solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Armenia. [We] wish you victory over Azeri-Turkish aggression. [Artsakh] strong!"

South Americans