Greek Australians make statement against Golden Dawn ahead of court case

Greek-Australians make statement against Golden Dawn ahead of court case

Greek-Australians make statement against Golden Dawn ahead of court case

A statement condemning the acts of Golden Dawn, has been signed by Greek Australians ahead of the verdict on Wednesday. You can read it here-

As Australian citizens of Greek background we followed and condemned all these years, the criminal acts of Golden Dawn in Greece. We also were opposed to the extreme ideology and terminology expressed by their few vocal supporters in the community here in Australia.

We hope that the decision of the Greek court on Wednesday 7 October 2020, in the trial of Golden Dawn will put an end to this organisation. We hope that the court will rule that they are a criminal organisation and guilty verdicts on all charges will be handed down.

Further, that the leadership of Golden Dawn are held criminally responsible for the charges and that the crimes were not committed by individuals acting alone as the public prosecutor has argued.

A guilty verdict on all charges will ensure and protect the democratic values of Greece the country of our forbearers.

We also welcome the shared position of all the Greek political leaders and parties of a democratic persuasion who stand united in their opposition to Golden Dawn as reported in the Greek media in Athens.

The intimidation of citizens, the undermining of democratic politics and institutions through violence and murder or through racist and extreme language, have no place in Greece."

Signed by:

Peter Alexiou                            Sydney

Cathy Alexopoulos                    Melbourne

Dimitris Alexopoulos                 Melbourne

Panos Apostolou                       Melbourne

Agi Argyropoulos                       Melbourne

Argyris Argyropoulos                 Melbourne

Leonidas Argyropoulos              Melbourne

Christos Belerhas                      Sydney

Vangelis Bogias                         Adelaide

Dimitris Bosinakis                      Melbourne

Haritomeni Christofaki              Melbourne

Nikos Dallas                              Melbourne

Harry Danalis                            Sydney

Maria Danos                             Melbourne

Euphrosyne Deligianni               Sydney

Alexandra Delios                       Canberra

Nikos Dimopoulos                     Melbourne

Elias Diakolabrianos                  Melbourne

Elias Donoudis                          Melbourne

Nick Doumanis                          Melbourne

John Dramitinos                        Sydney

Anita Filopoulou                        Melbourne

Angelo Gavrielatos                    Sydney

Steve Georganas MP                 Adelaide

Anthoula Giannakopoulou         Melbourne

Vassilis Gonis                            Adelaide

Dimitris Gonis                           Melbourne

Makis Hatzilepos                       Melbourne

Anastasia Hantzi                        Melbourne

Niki Hantzi                                Melbourne

Sotiris Hatzimanolis                   Melbourne

Tammy Iliou                              Melbourne

Anna Kadas                               Melbourne

Alexis Kakafikas                         Melbourne

Panagiotis Kalathas                   Melbourne

Konstantinos Kalymnios             Melbourne

Ashur Kamber                           Melbourne

Fotis Kapetopoulos                    Melbourne

George Karagiannis                   Melbourne

Vrasidas Karalis                                     Sydney

Kostas Karamarkos                    Melbourne

Dimitra Karagiannis                   Melbourne

Nia Karteris                               Sydney

Panagiotis Katsabanis MP          Perth

Stavros Katsimantakos               Melbourne

Alekos Katsifaras                       Melbourne

Alexandros Kirkilis Kalathas        Melbourne

Stylianos Klapsinos                    Melbourne

Marietta Kokka                         Melbourne

George Koletsis                                     Melbourne

Odysseas Kripotos                     Melbourne

Ioanna Kyrkilis                           Melbourne

Thanasis Koveos                        Melbourne

Efstathia Konstantopoulou        Melbourne

Ioanna Konstantopoulou           Melbourne

Dimitra Lagoudaki                     Melbourne

Giannis Lesses                           Adelaide

Stylianos Lilimbakis                   Melbourne

Angelos Makrigiorgos                Melbourne

Theo Markos                             Melbourne

Costas Markos                          Melbourne

Niki Matziaris                            Melbourne

Jorge Menidis                           Melbourne

George Messinis                       Melbourne

Stavros Messinis                       Melbourne

Giannis Michanetzis                  Melbourne

Costas Mytilinis                         Sydney

Toula Nicolacopoulos                Melbourne

John Pantazopoulos                     Former State Minister/ Melbourne

Spiros Papadopoulos                 Melbourne

Bill Papastergiadis                     Melbourne

Nikos Papastergiadis                 Melbourne

Antonis Paschos                        Melbourne

Agapi Paschos                           Melbourne

Philippos Peladarinos                Melbourne

Eleni Pitsilioni Alexiou               Sydney

Nikos Portellos                          Adelaide

Panagiotis Ppiros                       Adelaide

Anna Rerakis                             Melbourne

Maria Rerakis                            Melbourne

Adam Rorris                              Sydney

Thanasis Rorris                          Wollongong

Thanasis Salahas                       Melbourne

Kosmos Samaras                       Melbourne

Athena Sergiani                         Melbourne

Christos Sergianis                      Melbourne

Anthea Sidiropoulos                  Melbourne

Christos Sikavitsas                     Melbourne

Ismini Spyroglou                       Adelaide

Christina Stameniti                    Melbourne

Costas Stefanidis                       Melbourne

George Sotirios                         Sydney

Persephone Thliveri                  Sydney

Dimitris Troaditis                       Melbourne

Nikos Tsaktsiras                        Melbourne

Myron Tsaldaris                        Melbourne

Evdokia Tsahuridu                     Melbourne

Michalis Tsianikas                      Adelaide

Michalis Tsilimos                       Sydney

Christos Tsiolkas                       Melbourne

Thanasis Tsouhantaris               Melbourne

Panagiotis Vakkas                      Melbourne

Stratos Vakkas                          Melbourne

George Vassilacopoulos             Melbourne

Gena Vithoulkas                        Melbourne

Harry Zaverdinos                       Melbourne

Vasso Zangalis                           Melbourne

George Zangalis                        Melbourne