Hackers target Greek banking users warns HBA

Hackers target Greek banking users warns HBA 1

The Hellenic Banking Association (HBA) issued a warning on Wednesday about a new type of technical support scam whereby perpetrators call unsuspecting citizens, usually from abroad, and impersonate technicians from a large IT company.

This type of hacking has been used in Australia for many years but with the uptake of Online banking in Greece it has become an easy target for hackers.

Under the pretext that their computer and/or mobile device is infected with malware, they ask to install remote access software to supposedly repair the problem.

Once installed, the applications allow the perpetrators to have full control over the electronic devices of their victims, who are then tricked into providing their personal e-banking passwords (user name, password etc), as well as the one-time codes they receive via SMS (SMS One-Time Password)

The perpetrators then transfer money through e-banking from the accounts of their victims to bank accounts controlled by them or their accomplices