Fake Azerbaijani website stealing money from Armenian charity brought down by Anonymous Greece

A fake website created by Azerbaijan to steal money from well intended people wanting to support Armenia was brought down by hackers belonging to Anonymous Greece.

In Facebook post, Anonymous Greece said:

“WARNING: Azerbaijani created a FAKE Armenia Fund website to steal money from Armenians and from all those who want to help. See the screenshots bellow and take care where are you browsing. Always use VPN and always trust websites with SSL ( HTTPS ).”

WARNING: Azerbaijani created a FAKE Armenia Fund website to steal money from Armenians and from all those who want to…

Posted by Anonymous Greece on Wednesday, 7 October 2020

However, just a few hours later Anonymous Greece made an update from their Facebook account, announcing “Update: The FAKE ( Phishing ) Armenia Fund website has been successfully suspended,” which came with an accompanied photo.


Yesterday, Anonymous Greece would make another post, urging Armenians to stay strong.

“Stay strong Armenia. 🇦🇲
Greece is always here for you. 🇬🇷
Keep yourself and your families safe.
Turkey = Terrorists
Azerbaijan = Terrorists.”


Since the Turkish-sponsored Azerbaijani military and Syrian jihadist invasion attempt of Artsakh begun, Anonymous Greece has been very active in doing what they can within their capacity to support the Armenians.

In one attack, the hacking group down over 150 Azerbaijani government websites, as reported by Greek City Times.

In another such attack, Anonymous Greece wrote in a Facebook message: “Turkish Assembly Parliament subdomain Pwned,” with “pwned” deriving from the word “owned”, due to “o” and “p” being close to each other on the keyboard and finds its origins in internet culture, particularly gaming.

Accompanying the post was an image of the hack Anonymous Greece did against The Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

“Turkish Accemly Pwned by (Greek – Armenia),” “Armenia will win this war against evil Turkey and Azerbaijan, and “Killing innocent people and kids makes you terrorist,” Anonymous Greece wrote on the webpage of the Turkish Parliament.

In a Greek City Times interview with Serj Tankian of System of a Down, the singer encouraged more such actions.

When Tankian was made aware that Greek hackers had been targeting the Azerbaijani government, he said “First of all, thank you for all the support. I wasn’t aware of the website hacking that had taken place. More of that geared toward Azeri and Turkish air command and control centers would be nice.”

Read the full interview here.

For those who want to make a donation to Armenia, the most reliable source is the Himnadram/Hayastan All Armenia Fund, which can be found here.

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