Serbian secret service warn that Albanians are preparing organized attacks against Kosovo's Serbs

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Serbian security services have warned that Albanians are preparing organized provocations and attacks against Serbs in Kosovo, Vojvodina Broadcasting reported.

"Kosovo Serbs, especially those in the enclaves, will be the target of organized provocations and attacks by Albanians in the coming days in order to create instability that will lead to another impasse in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, as well as obstacles to co-operation with the the Special Court in The Hague," the report said .

Kosovo Albanian leaders have been carrying out an operation codenamed "Honor" since early September this year to avoid accusations against Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi of assassination, war crimes and persecution.

According to local media, Pristina intends to suspend negotiations with Belgrade again.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, meanwhile, insists there will be no attacks or persecution of the Serb population in Kosovo.

Asked how the state would protect its people in Kosovo, Vučić said it would not be easy, as Serbia does not have effective control there, but added that wise policies and talks could save Serbs in Kosovo.

"We will fight diplomatically, we will report and warn," Vučić said.

He added that he personally believes in logic and that Albanians understand that nothing can be solved with weapons, but only through talks and compromises.