Cypriot FM: Turkey’s behavior in EEZ and Varosha shows its real intentions

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“The continuing delinquent, pirate and aggressive behavior within the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus, in combination with the opening of part of the enclosed city of Varosha, shows once again the real intentions of Turkey and creates further tension in the region,” said the Cypriot Minister of Defense, Charalambos Petrides.

Speaking at the anti-occupation event of the Municipality of Morphou, Petridis said that a few days ago, the European Council called on Turkey to respect international law, the sovereign rights of Cyprus and to end its illegal actions in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus.

“It was a clear position that Turkey should refrain from unilateral actions that violate international law, as was the specific reference to respecting the relevant UN Security Council resolutions on Varosha,” Petrides said.

He added that “the National Council, in turn, unanimously condemned in the strongest possible terms the opening of part of the besieged city of Varosha and called on Turkey to withdraw and comply with United Nations Security Council resolutions, and in particular resolutions 550 of 1984 and 789 of 1992.”

Concluding, the Minister of Defense stated that this situation should be finally and immediately terminated. Aware of this historic debt, the President of the Republic continues the struggle with determination to achieve the common goal, calling on Turkey to a constructive dialogue away from any threat and creation.

“We remain committed to restoring our historic continuity to our ancestral land. This will be the best honor and justification for our fallen and missing,” he concluded.