Greece launches interactive “Covid-19 Map”


Greek government covid map

The interactive, virtual map of Greece with information about current Covid-19 cases is now live on

This tool also allows citizens to click each of the country's 74 regions and see if and what kind of restrictions are being implemented.

Regions are classified from one to four, marked with the colours:

  • Green Level 1 = Readiness
  • Yellow Level 2 = Surveillance
  • Orange Level 3 = Increased Surveillance
  • Red Level 4 = Increased Danger

Greece launches interactive “Covid-19 Map”

Greece launches interactive “Covid-19 Map”

Information regarding the measures in each region, can be accessed in three ways:

  • by entering a postal code in the relevant field
  • by selecting the regional unit from the relevant menu
  • by clicking on the area of ​​interest on the map

It is noted that the information on the website is in Greek only.

The map will be updated every 14 days in cooperation with Greece's special committee of infectious disease specialists.