Greek Film Festival dedicates screening to Armenia: “We are in solidarity with our Armenian brothers & sisters”


A Greek Film Festival has dedicated a special screening “in solidarity with our Armenian brothers and sisters.”

“Tonight, the Greek Peloponnisos Doc Festival will be holding a special encore screening of our Women of 1915 in Kalamata, Greece in solidarity with the people of Artsakh and Armenia,” Bared Maronian said from his Facebook account.

Beirut-born Maronian is the film director of Women of 1915 and Orphans of the Genocide.

In an act of solidarity, the Peloponnisos Documentary Film Festival held a special encore screening of his 2016 released Women of 1915.

“Here is what the Executive Director, Gina Petropoulou wrote to me,” Maronian said on Facebook.

“Greek and Armenian history has always been intertwined. Our cultures, history and religion have always been a common ground for our relationship. As a human rights advocate film festival, we couldn’t possibly overlook the tragedy that is happening now in Armenia. We are in solidarity with our Armenian brothers and sisters and we will not stop spreading the word of injustice for them,” he quoted Petropoulou as writing to him.

“Thank you Gina!” his Facebook comment concluded.

At the end of September, the Turkish-sponsored Azerbaijani Army and Syrian jihadist mercenaries began a campaign to invade the Armenian-majority region of Artsakh.

Although Artsakh is internationally recognized as a part of Azerbaijan, it has been an Armenian-majority region for over 2,500 years and achieved a de facto independence in 1994 when Armenian forces decisively won the Artsakh War of Liberation.


Paul Antonopoulos

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