St Elesa Food Initiative: Lending a helping hand to feed the vulnerable community

During the struggle of the current coronavirus pandemic, The Greek Orthodox Parish & Community of The Resurrection of Christ, Our Lady of Myrtles and St Elesa, Kogarah under the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Makarios, has founded a new initiative to help those struggling and in need.

Together with Very Rev. Archimandrite Father Kyriakos and Rev. Father Dimitrios Papaikonomou, parish members have come together to start a free food initiative, amid financial struggles in the community.

Every Monday the members of the initiative will give out free, delicious and warm home cooked Greek-inspired food to anyone that comes by Hogben Park in Kogarah, no matter the circumstance nor religious background.

“It will be neighbours feeding neighbours”, the representatives say, “we are all one family”.

St Elesa Food Initiative: Lending a helping hand to feed the vulnerable community

“We will not turn anyone away, everyone is welcome, no questions asked”, “We all share in Christ, no one will walk away empty handed”.

Social distancing protocols and food safety practices will be adhered to ensure a safe and smooth running of the program for all involved.

“The aim is to hold up community spirit, provide food relief for those that are struggling, put a smile on their faces and spread joy and life. This philanthropic initiative gives the opportunity for members of our Church to give back to the community and come together through these tough times. It is also a way to share our food with our neighbours which is an essential part of the greek ‘filoxenia’ meaning hospitality”.


  • What: St Elesa Food Initiative
  • When: Every Monday
  • Where: Hogben Park- 2 Railway Parade, Kogarah NSW 2217
  • Time: From 5pm

By the grace of God, our first day of distribution was a great success! The volunteers of the Saint Elesa Food…

Posted by Greek Orthodox Parish and Community of Kogarah on Monday, 5 October 2020