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Pontian-Greek Society in the USA donates $100,000 for “Armenian brothers”


The Pontian-Greek Society in the USA has announced in a Facebook post that they are donating $100,000 to Armenia as it continues its defense against the Turkish-sponsored Azerbaijani military/Syrian mercenary invasion attempt of Artsakh.

“We have the honor to announce that we, as the Pontian Greek Society in the USA, have collected $100.000 dollars from among our partners to join the efforts to support our Armenian brothers,” the organization said on Facebook, concluding “We continue to stand with you our Armenian brothers🙏.”

Internationally, donations for Armenia is rising considerably.

Any donations people want to make to Armenia are encouraged to make it to the Hayastan All Armenian Fund, which to date has collected millions of dollars since the Turkish-sponsored invasion began on September 27.

A fake website created by Azerbaijan to steal money from well intended people wanting to support Armenia was brought down by hackers belonging to Anonymous Greece, as reported by Greek City Times.

In Facebook post, Anonymous Greece said:

“WARNING: Azerbaijani created a FAKE Armenia Fund website to steal money from Armenians and from all those who want to help. See the screenshots bellow and take care where are you browsing. Always use VPN and always trust websites with SSL ( HTTPS ).”

However, just a few hours later Anonymous Greece made an update from their Facebook account, announcing “Update: The FAKE ( Phishing ) Armenia Fund website has been successfully suspended,” which came with an accompanied photo.



Paul Antonopoulos

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