Russian Foreign Ministry: "Greater Albania" policy threatens the Balkans

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The Russian Foreign Ministry sent strong messages to Albania and Kosovo against the promotion of a "Greater Albania."

"There is an ambiguous impression, which says that despite the dubious and risky nature of their 'approach,' the governments of Tirana and Pristina continue to promote the policy of Greater Albania, no matter how much they try to embellish their own plans," the statement said.

A statement from Russia's Foreign Ministry stated that "such actions pose a real threat to peace and stability in the Balkans."

At the same time, Moscow stresses that the position on the need to "eliminate the border" between Albania and Kosovo is a matter of concern.

"We would like to remind you that Kosovo [and this is confirmed by UNSCR 1244] is part of the Republic of Serbia and the arbitrary invocation of the principle of territorial integrity in relation to a sovereign state can only be assessed as brutal interference in his internal affairs," the statement said.

The same statement said he hoped there would be a "clear response" from the international community and especially from the European Union to which the UN General Assembly has entrusted the ombudsman's mission to the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

Finally, it is emphasized that such intentions undermine the Kosovo settlement process, nullify the efforts made and seek to find a mutually acceptable solution to the problem in the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina.