Russian party leader: Turks will be eating kebabs in Ankara and we will create a Greater Greece

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Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) and vice-president of the Russian State Duma, made bombastic remarks that have surely turned heads in Ankara.

Zhirinovsky said in a televised interview that Russia and Turkey were heading for a new conflict, which he called "Kulikovo's second battle."

The Battle of Kulikovo took place between the Tatar-Mongols (the Golden Horde) and the Russians. The battle took place on September 8, 1380 in the plain of Kulikovo, near the river Don and resulted in the victory for the Russians. A church has been erected at the battle site in monument to the victory and was built by Alexei Schutzhev.

He also said that Istanbul would soon become Constantinople again.

Zhirinovsky added "We will warn the Turks to withdraw their forces from Azerbaijan and Syria. We will provide great support to the Armenians, the Kurds and a Greater Armenia, a Greater Kurdistan, a Greater Greece and a Greater Bulgaria will be created."

"There is nothing left of today's Turkey. They should understand this and go back to Ankara and continue eating kebabs."