The Future of Greek-Australian Media: Upcoming Webinar

The Future of Greek-Australian Media: Upcoming Webinar

Wednesday 21st October, 12:30-1:30pm AEST

Join us for this rare opportunity to hear from Australia’s leading Greek-Australian news and media organisations.

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Greek-Australian incites webinar

Brought to you by Incites, a Next-Generation Analytics platform that automates insight discovery using machine learning and natural-language understanding, this webinar speaks to address the climate and the issues currently faced by the Greek Australian media.

Greek-Australian media has been around for a very long time.

The Greek language media in Australia was established in the early 20th century with the first weekly published in Melbourne in 1913, its  purpose being to address the needs of the early waves of Greek immigrants who migrated to Australia.

Greek-Australian media further established itself during the large influx of Greek migration to Australia in the late 50’s and onwards, by serving those that has little to know knowledge of English.

Roughly 420K people identified as Greek in the 2016 Census. Of these, 237K speak Greek at home, making Greek the 6th most spoken language (other than English).

Yet despite the large size of the Greek-Australian population, the numbers of Greek speakers have been in decline since the last Census.

Media generally, in Australia, and around the world is going through very difficult times.

Print is in decline and while digital media is still growing, it remains difficult to monetise.

While the internet and digital media has helped brands reach new audiences and grow a following very quickly, Google and Facebook are making it difficult for anyone to generate revenue from advertising. Everybody, that is, except Google and Facebook.

COVID has been a massive game-changer in terms of how people use live video online. The COVID pandemic had a profound impact on getting a large Greek-Australian audiences watching live-streamed events – Greek Easter Church services in particular.

There is a definite appetite for stories written by Greek-Australians that provide a unique lens on local and global events.

But is there enough of an appetite to pay for this content through advertising, subscription or other means?

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The Future of Greek-Australian Media: Upcoming Webinar

Wednesday 21st October, 12:30-1:30pm AEST

Reserve your free limited-release ticket HERE.

Sales end on 20 Oct 2020

Tickets are free by clicking here to register. This is a virtual event and will take place via Zoom. A link with all the Webinar details will be sent to you after your ticket is confirmed.

Greek-Australian incites webinar



Greek Australian business leaders discuss trade relations and investment opportunities in Greece.

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