Illegal immigrant licks yogurt package and puts it back in the fridge of Samos supermarket (VIDEO)

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Strong reactions were provoked by a video that was uploaded on social media where an illegal immigrant appears in a supermarket on Samos island licking a package of dairy product from a refrigerator and returning it from where he got it laughing.

Watch the video:

The video that is only a few seconds long was recorded in a store in the town of Vathi in Samos.

The video spread and became viral after the illegal immigrants made the disgusting action at a time when sanitary measures are strict due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the video that leaked on the internet, the police managed to arrest the perpetrators of this disgusting act.

The mayor of Eastern Samos, George Stantzos, also spoke about this incident, emphasizing in a post on Facebook:

"About the video in a store in Samos released on social media and digital media (where 1 immigrant appears licking provocatively laughing food packaging and the other one also filmed laughing), police did their duty immediately, they have been arrested and have been taken to Justice," he said.

"Such anti-social behavior - in the midst of a pandemic - should be punished wherever it comes from. We thank the Greek Police for guarding public safety and health," he concluded.

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Posted by Georgios Stantzos on Monday, 12 October 2020