Naxos connected to the mainland’s power grid

Naxos connected to the mainland’s power grid

The island of Naxos was connected to the mainland’s power grid on Tuesday evening.

According to project coordinators, the Cyclades Interconnection is an important project for the Greek economy. By providing high-voltage electricity, it is boosting both tourism and economic activity. At the same time, the burden on consumers (through the public service obligations) is reduced as electricity consumers on the mainland will no longer be required to subsidise the electricity generated by the islands’ old power stations.

The EU-funded Interconnection of Cyclades Islands project is a technically complex initiative aimed at ensuring the reliable, economic supply of electricity to the Greek islands of Syros, Paros, Tinos, Mykonos, and Naxos. Rolled out over three phases over 14 years, when complete all the Cyclades Islands will get their electricity from the mainland.

Naxos connected to the mainland’s power grid

Naxos was connected on Tuesday evening, at a ceremony marking the completion of phase II.

Environment & Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis and Energy & Fossil Raw Materials Alexandra Sdoukou inaugurated the linking of Naxos with Mykonos and Paros, as well as the high-voltage substation of the island.

Phase II of the Cyclades link includes laying submarine cables between Naxos and Mykonos, and Naxos and Paros, and the construction of the GIS-type substation. It also includes the upgrading of the existing cable connection between Evia and Andros, and Andros and Tinos, which were completed in the start of 2020. At the same time, upgrades are also in the plan for power to more remote islands of Iraklia, Schinoussa and the Koufonissia cluster.

The project is budgeted at €68 million and is co-financed by Greece and the European Union.

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