Major Scandal! Cyprus' "Golden Passports"

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In what Al-Jazeera presented as the "scoop of the century" umcovered in a "sting operation", they exposed a couple of Cypriot politicians "on the take"! '

Who has ever heard of crooked politicians?

Let's explain something: "Golden passports" are nothing new to EU countries and they are by no means exclusive to the island state of Cyprus. EU passports can be obtained from almost every country in the EU for a fee, which varies from country to country. For some Baltic countries, the price for an EU passport can be as little as 300,000 euros, whereas for Cyprus, it is 2.5 million in investments on the island.

The two Cypriot politicians that the Qatari-funded journalists exposed is an MP and the Speaker of The House. The Speaker of the House sounds like a big fish, but if you consider that Cyprus is a country of fewer than a million people, it's like talking about the Mayor's assistant in what is considered a small city in some European countries.

There are strict guidelines for the granting of a "Golden passport" and this is where these two crooks were caught on camera promising to bypass the rules and make an exception.

I am in no way condoning this criminal act by two men who were elected to represent the people of Cyprus, but I don't see their shame as my shame or as a collective shame for the population of Cyprus.

What I want to point out is that, Al-Jazeera is a state controlled media outlet of Qatar. Qatar is currently the biggest funder of terrorism in the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus, and Turkey's closest ally.

Cyprus was not chosen by Al-Jazeera because it is the biggest offender in the EU for this "plan"; it was chosen for political reasons that have to do with Turkey's illegal activities in the region and its position on Cyprus, of which it occupies 40% of the territory.

It was meant to embarrass Cyprus.

Little "victories" for "little people".

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