Panic in Turkey as its navy cannot find Greek submarines in the East Mediterranean

2 25

On Tuesday afternoon, five Turkish CN-235 electronic warfare aircraft and two helicopters scanned from one end of the Aegean in order to locate the "invisible hunters" of the Greek fleet, the powerful and state-of-the-art submarines 214, News Bomb reported.

Specifically, on Tuesday, Turkish planes in question committed eight violations of Greece's airspace in the southeastern Aegean.

The above aircraft were identified and intercepted in accordance with international rules with established practice.

The Turkish Oruç Reis research vessel went out for the second time in the Eastern Mediterranean in order to conduct - as they claim - seismic surveys to discover energy deposits within Greece's continental shelf.

Shortly after 19:00 on Tuesday night, the Oruç Reis and accompanying Turkish warships sailed at a reduced speed 30 nautical miles southeast of the coast of Kastelorizo.

It sailed with 4 knots and is accompanied by a small Turkish fleet, which consists of frigates and corvettes, while it is monitored 24 hours by the Greek Navy. The Armed Forces of the country remain on full alert and vigilance these two days.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

It is also recalled that in August, during a similar escalation of tensions created by Turkey in the East Mediterranean, Turkish submarines were trapped by the Greek military who mocked and tormented the trapped Turkish crew by blaring sonar waves and Beatles song, as reported by Greek City Times.

According to the naval sources quoted by Infognomon in August, a captain of a Turkish submarine was so terrified by the high frequencies, some that sounded like bombs, that he fired a flare, which in submarine language, simply means “surrender.”

“We never made jokes about these issues and never misinformed our readers. What we mention here happened exactly as we describe it and is a lesson for the Turks, but also a lesson for the Greek politicians,” said Infognomon in their report, keeping in mind that the website is run by one of Greece’s most respected journalists, Savvas Kalenteridis.