Special Seminar: The day after the Golden Dawn Trial- Legal and political repercussions of a historical verdict

Dimitris Christopoulos

Dimitris Christopoulos

Greek academic, writer and activist, Dimitris Christopoulos, will present an interesting online lecture entitled ‘The day after the Golden Dawn Trial: Legal and political repercussions of a historical verdict’, on Wednesday, 21 October.

The event is organised by the Greek Community of Melbourne and the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW.

The seminar will begin with a brief recount of the court proceedings and the legal disputes. An attempt will be made to provide a historical explanation of the phenomenon that is “Golden Dawn” and an appraisal of the judicial verdict. Has Golden Dawn exited the political landscape? Can Golden Dawn reappear? What are the prospects of the Far Right in Greece under conditions where a health, economic and geopolitical crisis prevails? Can the system of government be safeguarded from it? Can Europe cope?

Dimitris Christopoulos (Athens, 1969) is a Greek academic, writer and activist. Currently a Professor at the Department of Political Science and History of Panteion University in Athens where he has been teaching since 2000. He is an Emeritus President of the International Federation for Human Rights ( FIDH ) and also chaired the board of the Hellenic League for Human Rights, the biggest and oldest Greek human rights association for eight years (2003-2011).

Christopoulos has studied law in Greece, political science in France, legal theory in Belgium and holds a French Phd in Public Law. He has taught as visiting professor and has provided lectures in different universities in Europe and the US. His academic publications and books reflect par excellence his interventions as a public intellectual in the field of human rights, migration, minorities and citizenship. Christopoulos is frequently interviewed by international or Greek media, writes regularly in the Greek and to a lesser extend to the international press.

Further biographical data and his publications can be found here. 

How to participate

Audiences can enjoy the seminar in two ways:

  • If you want to actively participate and ask questions at the end of the seminar you will need to join us through a Zoom Webinar – for which you’ll need to pre-register by following the link here.
  • If you prefer to sit back and enjoy the show, just join us through our Facebook page or our YouTube page where we’ll be live streaming the event.

When: Wednesday 21 October 2020 @ 7.00pm

Language of Presentation: English | No knowledge of Greek required.

Entry: FREE