Greek brand SOPHIA now being sold at the Louvre and British Museums


Handmade products by widely successful Greek brand SOPHIA can be found at over 400 boutiques around the world, including at the Louvre and British Museums.

Coloured Greek statues of the Venus de Milo, Greek-inspired handmade souvenirs, paintings with repoussé details, satin pillowcases, cutlery, crockery and many more items, make up the newest collection by SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking Live, a Greek boutique that has taken the world of design and décor by storm.

Greek brand SophiaGreek brand Sophia


Based in Kolonaki, one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Athens, the glamourous boutique presents a unique aura to visitors entering the store, inspired heavily by the Greek history and mythology. The items created by SOPHIA have achieved unprecedented success in luxurious boutiques worldwide and are even being sold at some of the most famous museums in the world, including the Louvre Museum in Paris and the British Museum in London.

Sandra Alevra, the founder of SOPHIA, explains that her goal was to share the Greek tradition with the rest of the world and showcase the history, beauty, art and philosophy of the ancient Greek culture, combined with high quality products that are made of excellent materials. The items sold by SOPHIA are created exclusively by Greek designers, who are aiming to unite the authentic ancient Greek culture with modern Greece.

The idea to create SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking Live came 6 years ago, during a period that was difficult financially and socially, and there was a need for creativity and optimism. The love for our cultural heritage and the desire to share it with the whole world and spread positive energy, led to the creation of our store” Ms. Alevra described.

SOPHIA is a place, where art flirts with design, eternity meets modernity, and the richness of the past blends with the spirit of the 21st century. We feel that our boutique is not just another shop or a concept store. It is a breathing space that welcomes everyone to interact, to discover, to do, to think, to dream, to write, to share, to discuss, to create, to get inspired and to feel alive. All our concepts are driven by a strong passion to reinvent a new retail structure, a new kind of retail therapy” she added.


Greek brand SophiaGreek brand Sophia

The latest line of products by SOPHIA is inspired by the wisdom of famous ancient Greek philosophers, and is created with bright neon colour touches, several doses of humour and elements of modern lifestyle, that manage to immediately conquer the hearts of art lovers across the globe.

Ms. Alevra discussed the importance of her company’s name “Enjoy Thinking” by saying that “from antiquity until today, thought has been what brought us civilization. Thought is a guide in our lives. Only through thought you can change yourself, but also change the world around you. SOPHIA through thought creates, collaborates and communicates.”

Since its opening in 2014, the Greek boutique has also launched an online store, opening its doors to Greek culture lovers from all over the world and promoting Greek art.

Greek brand SophiaGreek brand Sophia

Moreover, SOPHIA has been embraced by numerous countries and international fans, as its products are being sold in 400 stores worldwide, and are exported to over 40 different countries, including America, Australia, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, France, Korea, China, Italy, England, Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and many more.

Our collections unfold across different themes: the art of thinking, the power of dialogue, the excitement of creating, the world of man and women and the supremacy of architecture. The collections entail unique and handmade home decor, lifestyle and fashion items, stationery, as well as healthy products for the body and the soul,” she continued.

Since the very beginning, SOPHIA has been very supportive of young Greek artists and is always looking to collaborate with Greek designers, craftsmen and women, who believe that they can try something different, apply new techniques and come up with new ideas.

There is immense great talent in Greece and it is true that Greek design is experiencing a period of unprecedented intensity, duration and great prosperity with artists and designers looking back to their roots, with knowledge, technological and innovative trends, new aesthetic communications and many distinctions and awards in Greece and abroad.”

Greek brand SophiaGreek brand Sophia

With regards to how the current pandemic has affected business for SOPHIA, Ms. Alevra went on to explain that “we are always creating many different products, and unfavourable conditions do not hinder our creativity, but make us think, adapt and fight. Although these times are hard for everyone, with optimism, a lot of passion, hard work and a team with great values you can achieve everything. If you find your vision and have love for what you do, you manage to overcome the many difficulties of the journey.”

Over the last few years, SOPHIA has been invited to participate in a plethora of prestigious events and present its products to galleries around the world, and it is constantly looking, even through challenges and undesirable circumstances, to promote hope and positivity.


Greek brand SophiaGreek brand SophiaGreek brand Sophia


Ms. Alevra expressed her wishes for the future by saying that “we are waiting to see how the current situation will develop worldwide, but with inexhaustible appetite and optimism we prepare many new things. Expect beautiful and subversive collections, with the main focus on the promotion of our culture and philosophy. SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking is not just a brand, but an initiative that strives for the promotion of Greek culture through ethical trade and collaborative processes, and we are hoping to reach more and more people internationally. After all, art has no borders!

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