Iconic actress Isabella Rossellini to film upcoming Movie “Arrivederci” in Greece and Australia

Napflio, Greece

The famous Italian-American actress Isabella Rossellini, most notable for her roles in Blue Velvet and Death Becomes Her, will play a key role in the upcoming movie Arrivederci, an international co-production, filmed between Greece and Australia.

The Emmy nominated actress is the daughter of Italian director Roberto Rossellini and legendary Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, who has won 3 Academy Awards, 4 Golden Globes, a Tony and a BAFTA, among many other awards and achievements.

Isabella Rosselini


Australian director and screenwriter Anthony J. Bowman, famous for his 1999 film Paperback Hero with Hugh Jackman, will direct Arrivederci in both Greece and Australia, and has already casted numerous Greek and Australian actors to work on this project.

Bowman stated that he chose Greece and Australia for his upcoming movie because “against the backdrop of the sheer beauty of the harsh Australian countryside, in contrast to the colourful, vivid images of Greek seaside, the film negotiates a deeply true story that evolves into an experience of mental and moral uplift.”

The film chronicles the story of Izzy Davis (played by Australian actress Jeanie Drynan, better known from the movie Muriel's Wedding), the wife of an Australian farmer, who lives in the depths of rural Australia. After the loss of her husband to cancer, knowing that she has to hand over the farm to her son and his family, Izzy refuses to accept their proposal to move to a nursing home in their area. So, following the desire she always had as a child, she travels to Greece, where she lives her “last adventure”, as she meets Francesca, an Italian opera diva (played by Isabella Rossellini), who will change her life forever.


Napflio, Greece
*Napflio, Southern Greece

Rossellini has long attracted the attention of the media, not just for her acting skills and personal life, but also for the empowering messages of support that she has spread across for women over the age 60. Her iconic collaboration with luxury beaty brand Lancôme started in 1982 and won the hearts of consumers worldwide for 14 years. However, the face of the legendary perfume Trésor, Rossellini, was reportedly fired by Lancôme, which was looking for “fresh” new faces. She was ultimately rehired in 2018 for the Hypnôse Drama Mascara product by Lancôme, during a large campaign by the French brand to promote timeless femininity, the beauty that transcends age, aristocratic elegance, and remind women worldwide that age is nothing but a number.

Arrivederci will mark the actress’ 53rd theatre film and her first leading role in a Greek-produced movie.

The production of the film will be the result of a collaboration between Australian company Thrills & Spills and Greek film company ARGONAFTES SA, which will undertake the production service for Greece.

Preparations for the film have already begun in both countries, and production aims to start filming during the first quarter of 2021 in Australia and during the Spring of 2021 in Greece.

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