Greek Foreign Ministry: Turkey's belief it solves problems in the region is "outrageous"

Alexandros Yennimatas

The Greek Foreign Ministry's response to yesterday's statements by Hami Aksoy and the text of the conclusions of the EU Summit, which included Turkey, was immediate and decisive to Ankara's ludicrous belief that it resolves issues in the region.

The Greek Foreign Ministry highlighted the "erratic reactions" from Ankara after the European Summit and the visit of Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias to Armenia and Iraq.

Turkish Foreign Minister, Hami Aksoy, claimed that “the common denominator for solving all the problems in our region is Turkey and Greece is the one that causes the problems or supports those who cause them."

Hami Aksoy Turkey
Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hami Aksoy.

Aksoy's deceptive claim that Ankara "solves problems" in the region is in response to Dendias' emphasis in both his trips to Iraq and Armenia where he did not hide away from highlighting that Ankara is the "common denominator" for all hostilities stretching from the East Mediterranean to the Caucasus.

During his trip to the Armenian capital of Yerevan on Friday, Dendias stated that “tensions in Syria, Iraq, Cyprus and Libya have one source – Turkey. This country ignores the European Union’s calls to respect international norms.

The day before his Yerevan visit, Dendias was in Baghdad, where he also stated "I believe it is now more evident than ever that Turkey is acting as a disruptor of peace and stability in the greater region. Virtually, every crisis, and every problematic situation in the region, namely Nagorno-Karabakh, Libya, Syria, Cyprus, South-Eastern Mediterranean, but also Iraq, has a common denominator: Turkey."

In response to this, Aksoy did not only accuse Greece of being a source of instability, but also demanded Greece to pay reparation's.

However, the Greek Foreign Ministry via spokesperson Alexandros Yennimatas did not wait to long to response to Aksoy's ludicrous statement and said:

"Turkey’s erratic reactions following the European Council meeting and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ visits to Armenia and Iraq, only serve to highlight internationally the impasse Turkey is at, due to its own choices. As to its outrageous claim that it is the common denominator for resolving all the problems in the region, Turkey would do well to confirm this with the countries of the region, which probably rather feel that Turkey is the common denominator of their problems."