"Passage into the Light"- Mount Athos interactive exhibition

A digital interactive exhibition of rarely seen codices, illuminated manuscripts and objects kept in Mount Athos, is now open to the public.

Hosted at the Athens Concert Hall, the exhibition “Passage to the Light” presents digitised treasures for the first time in the history of Mt. Athos.

Also known as the Holy Mountain in Greece, Mt. Athos is one of the most sacred spots on earth.

In the peninsula of Halkidiki, Northern Greece, only men are permitted to enter

Visitors to the exhibition will also have the opportunity to learn about the daily life of the monks.

The project which took 4 years to complete, was co-funded by the European Union.

“Passage to the Light” is on until October 24. More information can be found here.

Visiting Sacred and Holy Mount Athos

In 2018, GCT spoke to 23-year-old Dimitri from Sydney, Australia, who visited Mount Athos and experienced a journey like no other.

“It’s something every man needs to do in their lifetime, especially for someone that is spiritual. You have to experience Mount Athos for yourself to understand the benefits you gain on a spiritual, mental and emotional level.”