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| On 5 months ago

Armenians and Greeks protest at the border with Turkey in Evros

By Paul Antonopoulos

With the shouts of “Turkey out of Armenia”, more than 300 people, who arrived on Monday morning in about 80 cars and holding Armenian and Greek flags, proceeded to mobilize without blocking the road and marched on the road leading to Turkey, Evros News reported.

Armenians and Greeks protesting against Turkey at Evros.

Truck drivers heard and saw the Armenians of Greece, who together with local Greeks, sent their message against the illegal invasion by the Turkish-backed Azerbaijani military and Syrian mercenaries in Artsakh, once again violating any notion of international law.

Specifically, the protestors mobilized en masse at the Kipi customs service at Evros on the Greek-Turkish border.

The protesters headed in the early hours of the morning with their vehicles from every corner of Northern Greece.

Armenians and Greeks protesting against Turkey at Evros.

They first gathered at around 6:00AM local time in the Gardens by motorcade and after their protest against the war attack on Artsakh, they returned via the Egnatia Highway in Alexandroupolis, where they marched to the city center.


Paul Antonopoulos
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