Russian media: Turkey's S-400 test failed

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Turkey's Friday testing of the Russian-made S-400 missile defense system failed, according to a Russian website specializing in military matters.

"The first military use of the S-400 missile defense system by the Turkish army failed due to Ankara's refusal to assist the Russian military special forces," Avia wrote.

The videos published by the Turks show the rocket being launched but it ends there.

Nowhere does a video show the moment an S-400 missile hit its target, nor was there the sound of an exploding warhead, experts quoted by Avia highlighted.

"Ankara has so far made no official statements about the rocket launches, however, the most surprising thing is that while the targets used, according to local media, for the S-400 were the right ones, nowhere did they appear in the sky, despite there being no clouds," Avia highlighted.

According to experts, "the S-400 system can only be tested on missiles or fighter jets, and not on small drones. The absence of a flight trace, the absence of a missile explosion and the straight course of the missile is alarming," the website continued to explain.

However, Turkish media reported that a total of three targets were hit, but in the numerous videos, one can see that there was only one launch, which also raises many questions.

Even a video posted from the S-400 test by Uğur Giresun, chairman of the ruling AKP Party for the Sinope (Σινώπη, Turkish: Sinop) local branch, shows three striking launches from different angles but nowhere is a target hit.

Turkish Minute reported last week, citing a Turkish document detailing the upcoming test at the Sinope firing range, that the aim was “to ensure the engagement capability of the S-400 weapons system, the detection and tracking capability of the system’s radars, the communications system capabilities, and the control of the firing and command capabilities.”