George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr- Primed and ready to unleash

George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr- Primed And Ready To Unleash

George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr- Primed And Ready To Unleash

The countdown is on. October 31. In the boxing ring. George “Ferocious” Kambosos Jr and Lee Selby.

“One on one with another man. No one can save you.”

George “Ferocious” Kambosos Jr is the Top 3 World Lightweight Contender, Australia’s Number 1 Fighter 18-0 10 KO and the CEO of Ferocious Promotions. Can’t forget to mention he is also undefeated!

Winning the fight against Selby in less than two weeks, will make him the mandatory challenger for unified lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez.


“From a young 12-year-old kid when we started this journey, 100 amateur fights later and 18 professional fights, it’s been a long journey. There has been a lot of lonely nights, early mornings, a lot of blood, sweat and tears but we are nearly there.”

George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr- Primed And Ready To Unleash

But what makes boxing unique? George’s answer is simple. “It’s like no other sport. You just can’t compare. The dedication and the sacrifice that comes from this sport, is unbelievable.”

“A lot of other sports, team sports, you have other players that can replace you. With boxing, it’s just you and the other man. The only way you are out, is if you quit. Obviously, being a Greek-Australian, there is no quitting in me,” he continued.

‘Ferocious’ is currently deep in camp in Miami, preparing very hard, training 3 times a day.

George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr- Primed And Ready To Unleash

“I love the whole raw aspect of boxing, that’s why it’s so different to any other sport in the world.”

Not only does he put a lot of work into each training session, but he also does the right things outside of the boxing gym (recovery), to make sure his body is physically 110% to be able to push so hard.

His upcoming fight is with Lee Selby next Saturday (31st October 2020) in the United Kingdom.

George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr- Primed And Ready To Unleash

George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr- Primed And Ready To Unleash

Preparing for ‘battle’ is not just about being physically ready, but also mentally. A million things run through each boxer’s mind when they step into the ring. As he and his opponent square off, they both think of how to defeat the other as quickly and as efficiently as possible, while taking the minimum amount of damage as possible.

When the mind is clear, the boxer is sharper and more alert.

“Mentally, you have to be very, very strong throughout your training. You have days where you are very sore, your body might be sore, but your brain and your mental side of things pushes you through. Mentally I’m a very strong fighter, very focus fighter, and you know, I know exactly the vision that I have. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have such a strong mental side. It’s not only the physical, the way I train, but it’s also how mentally strong I am, it is second to none. So it’s a very important aspect in the game. If you are not mentally right, and something is wrong, it doesn’t matter how hard you train, how good you train, how well you prepare, one slightest mistake mentally, could affect the whole fight and affect the whole preparation, its like a domino affect,” the Greek Australian boxer said.

George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr- Primed And Ready To Unleash

“This fight is a life changing fight for myself. We are so confident we are going to win this fight… The sky is the limit after this.”

In between all his sessions (and in his daily life) George keeps a very healthy and clean diet routine, which helps when training at an elite level. “Throughout camp you need to maximise as much energy, especially when you are training here in Miami – it’s super hot, you are losing a lot of weight and so you always need to be hydrated.”

George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr- Primed And Ready To Unleash

Even though the flight time from Australia to the US is long, jet lag did not affect ‘Ferocious’ at all. “My body pretty much ticked over straight away, and I have a structured routine. I get up exactly at 6 in the morning for the road work, and I go to bed at 9:30/10pm. I’m in bed out cold, so I’m getting the right recovery when I am sleeping. One of the big reasons being out here in Miami is that the time difference between London is not much, so there will be no jet lag when we go to the fight 8 days out. (…) There will be no jet lag when I come to the UK and fight Lee Shelby.”


“Being a Greek-Australian, there is no quitting in me.”

Kambosos vs Selby

GCT followers around the world can watch the fight live on:

  • Fox Sports 507 on Sunday, November 1 from 6am AEDT (Australia)
  • Sky Box Office HD on Saturday, October 31 (United Kingdom)
  • DAZN on Saturday, October 31 (United States)

George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr is disciplined to the game that gave him everything.

Greek City Times will continue to follow and support George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr on his journey to championship glory.

*Images by Nick Bourdaniotis/Bourdo Photography (Copyright)

George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr- The World Title Journey