Kindergarten teacher transforms school in Evros

Kindergarten teacher transforms school in Evros

Kindergarten teacher transforms school in Evros

A kindergarten teacher in Peplos, a town in Evros, went above and beyond to make the environment she teaches at fun and safe for the children.

It was the beginning of September, when Chrysanthi Baxevani arrived as a preschool teacher in the remote village. However what she saw (the old building) was heartbreaking-worn down facilities and the play equipment in bad condition and at the same time dangerous for the kids.

The kindergarten teacher took it upon herself together with the parents and local community to transform the school.

"I realised that my two hands were not enough and I asked for help from my parents. It turned out that the issue was to make a start. We all became carpenters together. We got brushes, rakes and got to work from early in the morning until late in the afternoon for three Sundays. With passion and above all a common love for the children, we made a big renovation," Ms. Baxevanim emotionally told AMNA.

Kindergarten teacher transforms school in Evros

"I don't think a single parent was missing," parent George Drosakis said, adding that the teacher's initiative brought the community together and from now on they will always be close to improve the daily life of their children.

Ms Baxevani is proof of the love and care a teacher has for their students.

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