Athens court denies bail for Golden Dawn party leaders

Elias Kasidiaris Golden Dawn

An Athens court denied bail to Golden Dawn party leaders following long-term convictions and appeals. Six of the seven convicts have now been arrested, while Member of the European Parliament Ioannis Lagos is currently in Brussels.

Elias Kasidiaris, Christos Pappas, George Germenis, Elias Panagiotaros, Artemis Mattheopoulos, Konstantinos Barbarousis, Antonis Gregos, Nikos Michaloliakos and Zisimopoulos will be taken to prison.

Nikos Michaloliakos Golden Dawn leader
Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos speaking to media after the appeals decision was made.

A total of 38 of the 50 accused will be taken to prison.

For Michail Arvanitis, Eleni Zaroulia, Chrysovalanti Alexopoulos, Stathis Boukouras and Dimitris Koukoutsis, it was decided that their setences will be suspended. However, they were banned from leaving the country, had to pay a bond of 20,000 euros and must report to their local police station.

The Far-Right political group was two weeks ago classified as a criminal organization. Golden Dawn were judged to be a criminal organization for the murder of anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas, and attacks on Egyptian fishermen and PAME unionists.

Lengthy sentences were given to leaders and former leaders of the criminal organization.

Nikos Michaloliakos

13 years imprisonment and 6 months

Ioannis Lagos

13 years imprisonment and 8 months

Elias Kasidiaris

13 years imprisonment and 6 months

George Germenis

13 years imprisonment and 6 months

Christos Pappas

13 years imprisonment and 3 months

Elias Panagiotaros

13 years imprisonment

Artemis Mattheopoulos

10 years imprisonment

Kasidiaris, who is now party head of “Greeks for the Fatherland,” has already handed himself over to the police.

Meanwhile, Lagos has sworn to fight extradition from Brussels to Athens. However, the President of the European Parliament announced that immunity for the former Golden Dawn Member of the European Parliament could be waivered.

Giannis Lagos former of Golden Dawn
Former Golden Dawn leader Giannis Lagos is now an Independent MEP.

Giannis Lagos, a former leader of Golden Dawn but now an independent in the European Parliament, could have his immunity waivered in the aftermath of the Far-Right group being recognized as a criminal organization, said European Parliament President David Sassoli at the beginning of a Plenary Session when responding to a request from Greek authorities.

The most likely reason his immunity might be waivered according to sources is for tearing the Turkish flag in the European Parliament.