Saudi Arabia and Armenia: historical chance

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Recent developments in the Middle East and South Caucasus, Turkey's direct involvement and war against Armenia now and their backing of terrorists already make one posit a question: whither are we heading to?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has transformed into a belligerent leader destabilizing the whole region by his myopic political decisions. Needless to say how he is harming the Arab world, and Saudi Arabia in particular, by his bellicose statements and actions.

It is of utmost importance to note that there is a historical chance now for Saudi Arabia and Armenia to establish political ties and work together to pacify Erdoğan's government and bring peace and stability back into the larger Middle East, North Africa and South Caucasus regions. It is clear that Erdoğan's Turkey is reminiscent of the late Ottoman empire and wants to regenerate that late empire of evil, which of course is beyond Turkey's reach.

Historically, the Ottoman empire was an oppressor to all nations in the Middle East, North Africa and Caucasus regions and had been killing, looting and annihilating Arabs, Greeks, Armenians and other nations, which eventually resulted in a genocide of the Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians between 1914-1923.

Unfortunately, Erdoğan's government has been constantly acting on the basis of neo-Ottomanism for the sake of regional hegemony, thus becoming a scheming bad guy of the region.

Looking back to the ancient times, we must underscore that there has never been any antagonism between the Arabs and Armenians.

Furthermore, we have had bright examples of Arab-Armenian cooperation such as the Arab-Armenian treaty in the year of 652, or the peaceful coexistence and good trade relations during the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia (1080-1375), and most importantly, the unforgettable support the Arab people showed the Armenians during and after the Armenian Genocide (1915-1923) by giving survivors shelter and refuge in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and beyond, which the Armenian nation remembers with immense gratitude.

Historical Armenian Cilicia Armenia
Historical Armenian Cilicia via Wikipedia.

Last but not least, as old nations with rich culture and impact on human civilization, Armenians and Arabs in general, and Armenia and Saudi Arabia in particular, do not have any hindrance to good relations and joint political and economic efforts in the Middle East.

Armenia has had excellent political, economic and diplomatic relations with many Arab states and Saudi Arabia's political elite should not exclude this historical chance of establishing and developing good relations with the Armenian people.

Apart from working together to put a halt to Erdoğan's destabilizing actions and wars in Armenia, Artsakh (more commonly known as Nagorno-Karabakh) and the Middle East-North Africa region, there should also be serious discussions about investment opportunities, especially in the fast developing hi-tech sector in Armenia.

Saudi Arabia and Armenia can become a good example of peaceful and prosperous cooperation.

Vahram Ayvazyan is an International Relations and Genocide scholar, startup founder and a Climate Reality Leader, personally trained by former US vice president Al Gore. You can follow him on Twitter: @VahramAyvazyan.

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