Columnist: Greeks have much to learn from Armenians about intense lobbying

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Ever since Artsakh was invaded by the Azeri Turks, I have been astounded by the worldwide mobilization of Armenians including protests in major cities around the world, an all encompassing media presence and intense lobbying.

If Armenians were Greek however, the following would have happened:

- We would be arguing over who would lead the campaign.

- We would be arguing that no organization other than our own represents Artsakh and we would be telling friendly foreigners not to deal with them.

- We would be more interested in taking photos with politicians rather than lobbying.

- We would be more interested in keeping rival groups from lobbying than actually lobbying.

- A large part of us would be arguing that Artsakh isn’t really Armenian and we should give it to the Turks.

- A large part of us would be arguing that anyone that supports Artsakh is a reactionary fascist.

- No one would donate money under the pretext that it will be stolen anyway.

- Such money that is donated would not reach Artsakh anyway.

- Our own politicians would be asking us to protest and undermining our efforts behind the scenes.

We have much to learn from the Armenians.

Konstantinos Kalymnios is a Melbourne-based lawyer, columnist and spokesperson for the Panepirotic Federation of Australia.

The views of the author do not necessarily reflect those of Greek City Times.

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