Greece receives strong support from Israel as it reiterates solidarity

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The Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson today has openly declared its full support for Greece in the East Mediterranean against the "unilateral actions by Turkey."

Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lior Haiat Israel greek flag greece
Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lior Haiat.

"Israel follows with concern recent developments in the East Mediterranean. Certain unilateral actions taken by Turkey may escalate and pose a threat to fragile stability in the region," Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lior Haiat posted on Friday on his Twitter account.

"Israel reiterates its full support and strong solidarity with Greece in its maritime zone and its opposition to any attempt to violate these rights," he added.

In recent months, especially as Turkey continues to become a major threat in the East Mediterranean region, trilateral relations between Greece, Cyprus and Israel has significantly increased.

In the presence of the Chief of the Greek National Defence General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros and the heads of the military delegations of Cyprus and Israel, the program of tripartite military cooperation between the three countries for 2021 was signed last month.

According to an announcement issued by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, a meeting was held at the Ministry of National Defense between the Greek-Cypriot-Israeli delegations.


With the signing of this program, as pointed out in the announcement, the military cooperation between the Armed Forces of the three countries is further enhanced, by joint exercises and operational activities.


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