Turkish products are stripped from supermarkets and Saudi Arabia turns a burger "Greek"

Saudi Herfy Burger chain

The unofficial Saudi Arabian boycott on Turkish products has reach a new level with a local burger chain changing a name of one of it's products from "Turkish Burger" to "Greek Burger."

Not only did the Herfy's burger chain change the name of the beef patty accompanied with a spicy taste, but it also reduce the price of the product.

Saudi Herfy Burger chain
Herfy Burger chain.

In fact, Herfy's on its Twitter account opened a poll asking the question on what people think of when someone mentions Greece - Herfy Greek Hamburger, the colour blue or Santorini and travel.


“It’s the same thing,” Herfy employee Mahmood Bassyoni reassured a customer with a smile, offering a spoonful of the burger’s spicy sauce to taste, Bloomberg reported. “Just the name changed.”

However, Herfy is just the latest Saudi company to join the unofficial boycott on Turkey.

Ghaith Al-Tamimi from his Twitter account said "What a blessing to see the products from Greece, Egypt, Morocco replacing the the products from Turkey."


Although Turkey only exports what is worth $2.64B to Saudi Arabia, any decline in the trade magnitude is a huge problem for any economy and will certainly force companies to lay-out thousands of workers, as previously reported on Greek City Times.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest economy in the Middle East, and it is unwise to lose trade relations with such a partner as it will have a bigger impact then what Turkey could have anticipated. Just days ago, Mango, a Spanish fashion retailer which has 55 stores in Saudi Arabia and manufacturing facilities in Turkey decided to look for alternative manufacturers to keep its business operations in the KSA.

Moreover, Morocco, has amended a trade deal allowing it to raise duties by up to 90% on Turkish goods which dumped the Moroccan market for years and damaged local businesses. Other reports suggest that Algeria might follow Morocco and raise taxes on Turkish goods to prevent Turkey from taking advantages from previous trade agreements.