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| On 11 months ago

Impressive waterspout swirls near Santorini

By Gct

A towering waterspout dazzled residents and tourists on the Greek island of Santorini two days ago.

According to the National Geographic, “a waterspout is a column of cloud-filled wind rotating over a body of water. Despite its name, it is not filled with water from the ocean or lake. The intense columnar vortex descends from a cumulus cloud. It does not “spout” from the water. The water inside is formed by condensation in the cloud.”

In the video posted by @theodorus_art, onlookers are heard saying “Oh, my God” as they observed the phenomenon.

The intense columnar vortex also occurred on two more islands- Naxos and Rhodes.

*Watch the video that took the breath away of those who witnessed the phenomenon-