Spanish Ambassador: We do not believe in sanctions against Turkey and want to expand economic ties

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The Spanish Ambassador to Ankara has made his country's position clear on Turkey's near daily war threats and violations of the sovereign rights of European Members Greece and Cyprus - No Sanctions.

In an interview with Turkish state-funded Anadolu Agency, Spanish Ambassador Javier Hergueta claimed both Greece and Turkey are a "very good friend" of his country but "we don't believe in sanctions."

This is an unsurprising statement considering that Spanish banks are the most exposed to Turkey's rapid economic decline.

Spanish bank debt to Turkey.

Despite Turkey's constant threats of war against Greece and Cyprus, and daily violations of their sovereign rights in the East Mediterranean, Hergueta's solution to these issues is to reward Ankara.

Even ignoring Turkey's relations with ISIS, invasion of northern Syria, occupation of northern Cyprus, transfer of terrorists to Libya and Azerbaijan, and killing Iraqi soldiers, among many other things, Hergueta wants to give concessions to Turkey.

"We don't believe in sanctions, what we believe is that we have to offer Turkey, a possibility of approaching the union, a perspective," said Hergueta adding EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell "has a mandate of the council precisely to explore that."

"The way to explore it is that we accelerate the starting or the restarting of negotiations in certain aspects that we have pending, like, for example, visas, the migration issue, and the agreement on the Customs Union," he said.

Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Malta are the main instigators blocking an embargo and sanctions against Turkey due to a network of economic reasons and fear of illegal immigration which has been instrumentalized by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as previously reported by Greek City Times.

Regarding the relations between Madrid and Ankara, the Spanish ambassador said, "there is very little room for improvement" because the two countries have "excellent" relations.

"The moment coronavirus finishes, our plan is to bring as many companies as we can here to see the opportunities that the Turkish market offers," he said.

"And, also, to see the opportunities of investment because what we want is for them to see the factories that are already established here," he added.