Joint military exercises to foster closer cooperation between Greece and U.S. conclude

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From October 19 to October 23, a joint training was conducted between the Special Operations Command Units of the Greek military and the United States Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controllers.

The activity took place in the shooting ranges of Kranea and Litochoro.

The co-training included Close Air Support (CAS) and Close Combat Attack (CCA) scenarios in a multi-threat environment.

Greece's Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) in all three military Branches successfully collaborated with their American counterparts in the exercises that saw PA Aircraft and SX Helicopters attacking ground targets.

US American greek army soldiers military greece
Joint military exercises between the Greece and U.S.

The purpose of this inclusive training is to increase the level of cooperation and interoperability between the military of the two countries.

It was orchestrated and coordinated by the Greek military in the framework of increasing the operational capabilities and the exchange of experiences of the Special Operations Forces of Greece with friendly and allied countries, as Lykavitos reported.