Greece is cooperating with other countries to create missile intercepting laser beams

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An agreement has been made between Greece, Germany, England, Hungary for a new missile intercepting laser beam technology.

Greece will soon acquire a new missile interceptor with laser beam capabilities.

greece missileAs OPEN TV journalist Pantelis Valassopoulos revealed, in the context of the NATO Summit, there was a separate teleconference between the Ministers of Defense of Greece, Germany, Britain and Hungary.

There, the four ministers decided to develop a separate state-of-the-art defense cooperation for laser-beamed mobile air defense systems.

These systems are called upon to respond to growing defense challenges and related threats.

According to the announcement, the experts will work together to develop innovative technologies, ie the development of a system of concentrated energy or laser beams.

These air defense systems will detect enemy missiles and eliminate them by firing laser beams. This cooperation between the countries also aims at the distribution of the funds that are needed.

Greece will take part with its own experts in this technology to have state-of-the-art systems.