Joe Biden celebrates the 80th anniversary of OXI Day

Joe Biden celebrates the 80th anniversary of OXI Day

Joe Biden celebrates the 80th anniversary of OXI Day

Joe Biden- former vice president of the United States, now the Democratic presidential nominee- posted a message on social media on the occasion of OXI Day.

"Today we celebrate the 80th anniversary of Oxi Day. Greeks inspired the free world when they resisted Mussolini’s invading army — and that courageous spirit lives on today, reminding us we too must stand up and do our part to safeguard our democracy," he wrote.

It is recalled two weeks ago, Biden reiterated his long-standing commitment to Greece and Greek-Americans.

In an announcement titled ‘Joe Biden’s vision for Greek Americans and US-Greece Relations’, Biden said if elected, he would strengthen ties with Greece and “will call out Turkish behaviour that is in violation of international law or that contravenes its commitments as a NATO ally, such as Turkish violations of Greek airspace.”

“Throughout his many years in public life, Joe Biden has a long record of engagement on issues important to Greek-Americans and a record of support for strengthening the U.S.-Greece relationship. He has worked personally with Greek leaders over many decades to strengthen the alliance. As President, Joe Biden will be committed to a strong dialogue with both Greek-American leaders and the leadership of Greece to sustain the bond between our countries,” the statement said.

Earlier this month, Biden also called on Turkey to reverse the decision on Hagia Sophia, and stated that the US (more specifically the Trump administration) must press Turkey to refrain from any further provocative actions in the region against Greece.

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis thanked Biden for his comments: “It is very important that just yesterday the former Vice President of the United States and presidential candidate, Joe Biden, joined his voice with the global wave of protests for its transformation into a mosque. He called on Turkey, in an explicit manner, to restore its character as a monument to all humanity.”