Turkish soldiers filmed looking for illegal passage into Greece

Turkish soldiers illegal immigrants Evros Greece turkey

Once again on Wednesday afternoon, Greek border guards in Evros were confronted with a strange incident as they spotted Turkish soldiers pointing to parts of the river at people dressed in civilian clothing.

The Turkish soldiers even held automatic weapons and the whole incident has been recorded in a video published today by CNN Greece.

It all started in the Gemisti area when Greek authorities at an observatory spotted on the Turkish side what are suspected to be migrants trying to cross illegally into Greek territory.

The Greek border guards sounded an alarm and a short time later they located the five armed men on the river bank with four more people.

As soon as the presence of the Greek border guards was noticed, they all hurried to disappear.

The Greek side does not rule out that traffickers were searching for a passage to illegally enter Greece.

Turkish soldiers illegal immigrants Evros Greece turkey
Turkish soldiers with suspected migrants trying to illegal enter Greece inspect the Evros River dividing the two countries.

This incident is not isolated .

Greek patrols that comb the entire border area have often found strange and suspicious contacts of Turks involved in the trafficking of people who want to cross into Greece.

However, deterrence operations have increased in recent months.

Mina Karamitrou is a correspondent for CNN Greece.

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