Students in Serres get creative to commemorate OXI Day

Students in Serres get creative to commemorate OXI Day

Due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, OXI Day celebrations were cancelled across Greece. However, this did not stop students in Neo Souli, Serres, from commemorating the important National Holiday safely and in line with COVID-19 preventive measures.

Neo Souli is a village in Serres regional unit of Central Macedonia.

The students paraded alone in the streets and also raised the Greek flag at one of the highest points of the village.

The solo parade and video was a creative and excellent way to celebrate October 28, even under these conditions.

Patras, Greece’s third-largest city, also commemorated OXI Day with a vehicle motorcade.

“It was a heartfelt gathering a tribute to those who sacrificed for the homeland. I want you to understand that this gathering was spontaneous. We uploaded 1-2 videos with the motorcyclists of Patras and the whole crowd gathered from the balconies and from everywhere. They followed us for the highest ideal of freedom,” the priest who led the procession told thebest.gr.

“We are Greeks and we will always honour Greece,” he concluded.

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