Athens police patrol streets on new electric bicycles

Athens plice electric bicycles

In a series of initiatives aimed to raise ecological and environmental awareness among residents, the Municipal Police of Athens have introduced new electric bicycles that they will use to patrol the city to ensure the safety of all citizens.


The twenty new conventional electric bicycles will be used by municipal police cyclists to ride through the city’s streets, local squares and neighbourhoods, every day from early in the morning until late in the afternoon.


Athens plice electric bicycles
* Photos taken from: Costas Bakogiannis Facebook account (Κώστας Μπακογιάννης Facebook)

This is an attempt by the local government and police of Athens to strengthen the trust of citizens in local authorities and help them to feel safe and comfortable at all times.


The police cyclists will play an essential role in facilitating the smooth daily life of the locals and in addressing any issues they may face.


Since bicycles, as a means of transport, have been increasingly present in the lives of people in all major cities of Greece, the Municipal Police wants to emphasize the significance of this environmentally friendly ‘tool’ that allows people to reach all corners of Athens, easily, quickly and flexibly.


Athens police electric bicycles

Athens police electric bicycles

Athens police electric bicycles


According to an announcement by the Municipality of Athens, the police cyclists, among other duties, will supervise the obeyance to the traffic rules of the city, and ensure the application of the restrictions that have been imposed for the protection against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Police cyclists will wear all the necessary safety gear, such as specially designed helmets, uniforms, shoes and windbreaks, and will carry first aid and other tools.


The ecological, electric bicycles are reportedly able to reach a maximum speed of 120 kilometers and can drive for up to 25 kilometers per hour.


With 20 new modern electric bicycles, the Municipal Police of Athens wants to put out the message for the protection of the environment, exercise, healthy lifestyle and also highlight that further assistance and security will be provided to all citizens.


“The bicycle has for years now become a strong ally for our city. The Municipal Police is changing its role now, and it is becoming a stronger a part of Athens, in a more humane and more friendly way for everyone,” stated Costas Bakogiannis, the mayor of Athens, with a post that he wrote on his Facebook account.


The modernization of the fleet of the Municipal Police vehicles is part of the government’s plans for improvement of the services that police offer to the citizens on a daily basis, to ensure the normal and peaceful operation of the entire city.


Athens police electric bicycles


* Photo credit: Costas Bakogiannis Facebook account (Κώστας Μπακογιάννης Facebook)

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