Greeks in Nice talk about the shocking terrorist attack

French police outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Nice.

Father Michael Seliniotakis from the Church of Saint Spyridon in Nice gave an account of what events were like during the terrorist attack that shocked the world.

"We are in a state of agony, evil awaits every day - I knew the young man who was murdered," he said.

The Saint Spyridon Church is very close to where the terrorist attack took place.

The priest of the Church, Father Michalis Seliniotakis, was an eyewitness to the deadly, Islamist attack which resulted in three dead people.

"I was in the church and I was informed by the authorities here about the incident, they informed us to take some protection measures to face the danger that lurks from time to time in our lives," said Father Seliniotakis who spoke on MEGA's "Live News" show.

A victim being taken from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Nice.
A victim being taken from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Nice.

"We are overwhelmed," said the priest, adding: "The situation at the moment is tense because of the Greek-Turkish relations, as well as the relationship between Macron and Erdogan."

"We have taken some additional measures and the police have sent a patrol car to the door of our church," the Father said.

"One dead man I have known for years. We are in a state of anxiety, evil awaits every day now," the clergyman also noted.

Meanwhile, other Greek expatriates living in Nice spoke to OPEN TV about the terrorist attack and expressed the fear that has flooded the local community.

"We are all shocked and honestly have no words. Beheading go far back in history, especially for us Greeks", said Anastasia Mandraveli, a resident of Nice.

International water polo athlete, who lives and competes in Nice, Nikolaos Gardikas, said on OPEN TV:

Nikolaos Gardikas Nice
Greek water polo international Nikolaos Gardikas.

"We were in training today [yesterday]. I did not understand what had happened. We heard various sirens of patrol cars outside the pool, a lot of traffic from the Police and leaving the training we were informed by the people of the team that a terrorist attack had taken place in the central church and there were injured and three dead," he said.

Gardikas added that "all these recent differences between Turkey and France have strengthened the climate."